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3 Ways To Increase The Vibrancy In Your Timeless Home


Fun and vibrant interior design is a huge trend that has recently hit the home building and renovation space. We’ve put together some insights into achieving a vibrant home aesthetic whilst ensuring we maintain a timeless finish that’ll still drop jaws in several years time.

This shift towards self-expression through stylistic choices in the home is fantastic. However, we also know the importance of creating an adaptable home that can grow over time as your stylistic choices change.

Here are 3 simple ways to incorporate vibrancy into your home in a timeless and adaptable way:

1. Incorporate color in your small décor

Introduce creative flare to your living room by investing in small items such as feature cushions that are vibrant in either colour or pattern. Another great option is to select a statement piece of furniture, such as a brightly-coloured lounge or coffee table. These are great alternatives to something more permanent, such as painting a feature wall.

2. Utilise a gallery feature wall

You can transform a room by creating a ‘gallery wall’ with framed pictures. There are no rules here, so you can utilise frames of any shape and size and customise to your heart’s content. This is a great way to bring life into your home, as pictures can be changed and adapted over time to reflect your varying style.

3. Invest in mood lighting

A great way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home is to invest in types of mood light. For example, you may want to watch a movie in your living room however your downlights are too bright, and sitting in complete darkness isn’t ideal either. Utilise lamps with either adjustable brightness or be selective in choosing what bulb you use to create a soft, inviting light that makes you feel at home. Another great option is to invest in smart bulbs that can change colour through a smartphone app.


We hope these ideas help you personalise your home in a sustainable and adaptable way to ensure that you continually fall in love with your home.

At BlueTongue Homes, our experienced team can help you find the perfect timeless and adaptable design features to incorporate into your new home to ensure that regardless of how you style your home throughout your life, you’ll always love it.

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