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5 Easy & Affordable Upgrades To Elevate Your Home


When you embark on the journey of building a new home, the many design choices you must make can be overwhelming.

We’ve compiled this list with 5 of our favourite low-cost, high-impact upgrades to help make your home-building journey easier.

1. Pendant Lights

A pendant light above your kitchen table or island bench will instantly elevate your home.

With seemingly unlimited choices, you will surely be able to find a pendant light that suits your personal style and design preferences.

2. Pull-down or Pull-out Kitchen Sink Mixer

A pull-out or pull-down kitchen sink mixer is an effortless way to add to the look and functionality of your kitchen.

You’ll surely fall in love with this kitchen addition because of its sleek look and helpful design.

3. Twin Shower Rail

A simple yet luxurious bathroom upgrade you can include in your new home is a twin shower rail.

This upgrade instantly adds grandeur to your bathroom and allows you to indulge in self-care every single day

Oh, did we mention that it also makes cleaning your shower so much easier!

4. Splashback Tiles

Upgrading your kitchen splashback is a fantastic way to add extra character and personality to your home without breaking the bank.

Comparatively to your entire house, the splashback areas are quite small. This means you can choose a more luxurious tile without the cost becoming too great.

5. Painted Feature Wall

Painting one of the walls in your entryway, living space, or master bedroom is a fantastic way to bring some life and dimension into your home on a budget.

A painted feature wall is a non-invasive, cost-effective, and high-impact upgrade that is easy to update in the future should your preferences change.


We hope this list helps make your homebuilding journey a little easier.

If you want more design inspiration, you should head to one of our display homes to look around and talk to our experienced sales team.

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